Manufacturer: COMM1

Comm1 Radio Simulator - IFR


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  • Working on your instrument ticket? If you're even considering adding an IFR rating to your certificate, then you'll want COMM1 IFR Radio Simulator to get you through the advanced level of communication skills required. Find out why top aeronautical universities — even the US Navy — have chosen COMM1 IFR Radio Simulator to help prepare their pilots. 9+ hours of training, comprehensive audio-visual tutorials, realistic flight scenarios, Interactive practice exercises w/ATC, playback your exchange w/ATC, and compare yourself yourself to an expert.

  • - Features

  • • Using the Radio

  • • Record and playback interactive audio exercises.

    • Simulate ATC communications in dozens of lessons over full range of IFR flight phases.

    • Exchange actual dialogue with Air Traffic Controllers from the safety of your desktop.

    • Tune photo-realistc radio stack with the click of your mouse.

  • • IFR Scenarios

  • • Lessons provide comprehensive scenarios with aeronautical charts and airport diagrams.

    • Hear examples of the communications you are expected to perform during each lesson.

    • Talk to Approach, Departure, Center, and FSS as you fly through controlled and uncontrolled airspace.

    • Simulate emergency radio procedures.

  • • Aviation-Speak

  • • Learn when to transmit in the midst of “live” ATC exchanges.

    • Dozens of audiovisual briefings and practice exercises to expand knowledge and sharpen speaking, listening, and physical radio skills.

    • Immediate audio feedback. Critique and compare your own radio speech with an “expert”.

    • Practice approaches, departures, clearances, and making requests to ATC.

  • - Compatibility

  • • Windows® XP Service Pack3, Windows® Vista Service Pack 2, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, or MAC OSX Lion 10.8.2

    • Apple Quicktime 7.7.1 or later

    • RAM 512MB(XP), RAM 1GB(Windows Vista, 7, 8, MAC OSX)

    • Screen display at least 800x600

    • Available space on HD: 630MB(Windows) and 380MB(MAC OSX)

    • CD ROM (Speakers and Microphone)