Manufacturer: COMM1

Comm1 Radio Simulator - VFR


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  • Learning to fly? Not flown for a few years? Talking on the radio is one of the most important, but least emphasized, skills you need to fly safely in today's busy airspace. COMM1 VFR Radio Simulator is a proven tool for getting you up to speed on communicating professionally with ATC, Flight Services, Flight Watch, and other ground personnel. 6+ hours of training, comprehensive audio-visual tutorials, realistic flight scenarios, Interactive practice exercises w/ATC, playback your exchange w/ATC, and compare yourself to an expert.

  • - Features

  • • Using the Radio

  • • Record and playback interactive audio exercises.

    • Simulate ATC communications in dozens of lessons over full range of IFR flight phases.

    • Exchange actual dialogue with Air Traffic Controllers from the safety of your desktop.

    • Tune photo-realistc radio stack with the click of your mouse.

  • • Airspace Issues

  • • Lessons provide comprehensive scenarios with aeronautical charts and airport diagrams.

    • Hear examples of the communications you are expected to perform during each lesson.

    • Talk to ATC and other pilots as you fly through Class B, C, D, and TRSA airspace.

    • Simulate emergency radio procedures.

  • • Aviation-Speak

  • • Learn when to transmit in the midst of “live” ATC exchanges.

    • Dozens of audiovisual briefings and practice exercises to expand knowledge and sharpen speaking, listening, and physical radio skills.

    • Immediate audio feedback. Critique and compare your own radio speech with an “expert”.

    • Practice making requests, such as radar flight-following and approach/departure clearances.

  • - Compatibility

  • • Windows® XP Service Pack3, Windows® Vista Service Pack 2, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, or MAC OSX Lion 10.8.2

    • Apple Quicktime 7.7.1 or later

    • RAM 512MB(XP), RAM 1GB(Windows Vista, 7, 8, MAC OSX)

    • Screen display at least 800x600

    • Available space on HD: 630MB(Windows) and 380MB(MAC OSX)

    • CD ROM (Speakers and Microphone)