Manufacturer: WARP DRIVE

WARP DRIVE – Rotax 1/4" Faceplate


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Precios no incluyen I.V.A.

WARP DRIVE – Rotax 1/4" Faceplate

  • The only solid carbon fiber composite propeller on the market. Warp Drive builds solid carbon fiber, ground adjustable propellers for a wide variety of applications ranging from LSA(Light Sport Aircraft), experimental aircraft, gyrocopters, trikes, powered parachutes, airboats and wind machines.

  • • Warp Drive Propeller Features

    • - Performance: through design, testing, and customer input.

      - Quality: strict quality control standards yield high quality products.

      - Price: extraordinary value for your money.

      - Unmatched Durability: foam-cores can't compete, hollow-cores can't compete, all other methods can't compete.

      - Repairable Blades: minor damage is repairable by the customer.

      - Ground Adjustable Pitch: dial in peak performance.

      - Superior Track Record: over 140,000 blades sold. Some propellers still flying with over 15,000 flight hours.

      - Replaceable Blades: damage one blade beyond repair? Only replace that blade, not the entire propeller.

      - Guarantee: lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

      - Inlaid Nickel Leading-Edge Protection: inlaid for superior performance and durability. Guaranteed against water damage.

      - Tapered Blade Planform: application-specific planforms increase cruise performance.

      - Made in the USA: proudly made in the United States of America.

  • • Specifications

    • - Made for 75mm, 100mm and 101.6mm bolt patterns

      - Required for propellers with Standard and HPL hubs