About Us

Who we are

Established in 2017, Aero Shop S.A. dba Aeroshop was founded with the intent to supply aviation related products in the field for all those who have a passion for it, whether it be for an aviation enthusiast or a mechanic in need of an essential component of an aircraft.

Our Location

Aeroshop is located in Shopping Paris, Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, South America. As Paraguay's economy annually grows, majorly due to agricultural business, it has been attracting businesses and industries from all around the world. With such growth, the aviation industry has tremendously grown as well. Thus, Aeroshop was established, with its primary objective being to be able to supply the needs of aviation products, especially for those in the experimental/LSA/agricultural sector.

Our Partners

Aeroshop is currently working in partnership with many worldwide renowned aviation companies such as Aviall, Bose Aviation, David Clark, Lightspeed Aviation, Dynon Avionics, Mid-Continent Instrument & Avionics, Pilot-USA, Aeroshell Aviation, Warp Drive Propellers, Icom, AirGizmos, Fascinations, Flybox, and many more.