MCI Attitude Indicator 4200 Series (TSO)




Precios no incluyen I.V.A.
Precios no incluyen I.V.A.

MCI Attitude Indicator 4200 Series (TSO)



      • Best value in a 2-inch electric attitude indicator

      • A safe alternative to unreliable vacuum systems

      • Single 4-pin connector installation

      • Ideal standby artificial horizon in fixed-wing and helicopter applications

      • Custom versions available to match existing instrument/EFIS displays

      • 10–32 volt DC operation for use in 14 and 28 volt aircraft

      • Standard equipment on many OEM aircraft

      • Anti-reflective glass enhances visibility and reduces fatigue

      • Long-life LED lighting, user selectable to 5, 14 or 28 volt input

      • Use with optional MD420 or TS835 Emergency Power Supply to provide one hour or more of emergency attitude reference during an electrical failure

      • Combine with a Mid-Continent MD15 Altimeter and MD25 Airspeed Indicator for a complete standby package designed for tight panel applications

      • FAA TSO-C4c certified and RTCA DO-160D/E qualified

      • Designed and built in Wichita, Kansas, USA


      • MTBF: 2,500 Hours

      • Certification: FAA TSO-C4c & RTCA DO-160D/E

      • Power Input: 14 VDC input (1.4A max start, 0.51A running) / 28 VDC input (0.6A max start, 0.25A running)

      • Dial: Rotating roll dial configuration, blue over brown / Traditional symbolic airplane

      • Panel Tilt: Aircraft specific — calibrated at factory / Specify exact tilt between 0° and 20° when ordering

      • Lighting: Internal LED lighting switchable to 5, 14 or 28 VDC input / Wired through main connector

      • Glass: Special HEA anti-reflective coating

      • Weight: 1.6 lbs

      • Length: 5.94 inches

      • Mounting: Rear mount in standard 2" MS33638 panel cutout

      • Temperature Range: –30°C to +70°C (–22°F to +158°F)

      • Mating Connector: Mid-Continent P/N 9015514 (MS3116F8-4S)